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Contingency Fee

With personal injury and auto accident cases we charge a contingency fee.   A contingency fee is a percentage of what we are able to recover on your behalf in your case and is “contingent” on us being able to recover.  If we don’t recover, we don’t get paid and you owe us nothing.  This means that the lawyer’s interests are the same as your interests. Unlike an hourly contract, where the attorney’s incentive is to bill as many hours as possible regardless of the outcome of the case, the incentive of the contingency fee is to obtain a good result. The better the attorney does for you, the better he does for himself. And if the attorney recovers nothing, you owe nothing for the attorney fees.  Contact our office at 972 599 4100 to discuss your case for further details regarding the contingency fee for your situation.  

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By Doug Goyen, douggoyen@goyenlaw.com 

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