Hit and Run Accidents

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Unfortunately, each day drivers cause hit and run car accidents with injuries and then flee the scene. Maybe they just panicked, or maybe they had a warrant out for their arrest, or maybe they just did not want to be found at fault and have their insurance rates go up. When a person flees the scene of a car wreck this can leave the victim of the collision in desperation wondering how they will get the medical bills and property damage paid. 

A hit-and-run accident is a criminal offense in Texas. Drivers involved in motor vehicle collisions are required to stop, render assistance if needed, and exchange information. If someone flees the scene of a collision after causing death or serious injury they can be charged with a 3d degree felony in Texas and face from 2 to 10 years in prison. 

Fortunately, there are options that are available where you still may be able to obtain compensation for your injury. Attorney Goyen has handled hit and run car accident injury cases for over 20 years and can help you determine what can be done in your case. 

What To Do After Hit and Run Accidents

In addition to what you would normally do in a car accident injury case you need to make sure a police report has been filed. If you have Uninsured Motorist coverage on your insurance policy they will require proof that the collision was reported to the police before they will pay in a hit and run accident. 

Can I Recover in a Hit and Run Case?

In many cases, you can still recover compensation after a hit-and-run car wreck injury. If the police can track down the driver, there may be automobile insurance that can cover the claim. If you are able to locate the owner of the vehicle, then the owner may have insurance coverage that may cover the accident. If there is no way to track down the driver or owner of the hit-and-run vehicle, you may have Uninsured Motorist coverage on your own insurance policy that may cover your car accident injury claim. 

If you need to make a claim under your Uninsured Motorist coverage for a car accident injury claim you will need an attorney. Even though the Uninsured Motorist coverage is your own insurance, they will not treat you as they would under a normal claim. 

In Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury claims your automobile insurance company steps into the shoes of the insurance that should have covered the other driver – the hit and run driver. Since they are acting as the liability insurance on behalf of the hit and run driver they will look for any way to show that you possibly contributed to the collision in some way, or that your injuries being claimed are not related to the accident, or that your injuries are exaggerated, or that your injuries were preexisting, or any other reason they can find to minimize the value of your claim. 

If you were injured due to a hit-and-run driver, call the Law Office of Doug Goyen today. We have extensive experience over the last 23 years helping victims of hit and run injury accidents recover the compensation they deserve. We will fight to get you the compensation you deserve in your case. Call today at (972) 599 4100. 

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