Causes of Auto Accidents in Dallas

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If you were injured in an accident, you are probably concerned about unpaid medical bills, getting treatment for your injury and how you will pay for it, lost time from work and lost income as a result of the injury, receiving the full settlement value for your personal injury claim from the insurance adjuster, and hiring a personal injury lawyer who will get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

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Most car accidents that result in injuries are usually caused by violations of traffic laws. Someone is rushing and decides to drive faster than they should. Someone makes the decision to change lanes without looking. Someone can’t afford to be held up by a stop sign or light, so they decide to drive right through it. Someone is addicted to their “smart” phone, so they choose to look at it instead of paying attention to the road. Tailgating, aggressive driving, drinking and driving, and driving while under the influence of medication or fatigue are all causes of accidents. These are the choices that people make, either consciously or unconsciously, that lead to car accidents. If someone does any of the above and collides with another person, they are liable for any injuries or property damage caused by the car accident.

These rules are not intended solely to provide police officers with justification for issuing traffic tickets. These safety rules are in place to keep us all safe. If people break the rules of the road and injure someone, they must pay for the damage or injury caused by their actions. To require less encourages those who break the rules to continue doing so, making them a hazard to those who drive lawfully and safely on public roads. Violations of traffic laws make drivers dangerous not only to others, but also to themselves and passengers in their vehicles.

Typically, an automobile collision injury results from a decision to break the law. Choosing to speed, attempting to beat a red light, and failing to pay attention (messing with a cellphone, text, radio, or whatever is distracting the driver). These are the choices that lead to the majority of car accidents and injuries. The laws that were enacted to ensure the safety of everyone else. The insurance industry refers to “accidents” as if nothing could have been done to prevent what happened. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Insurance claims and lawsuits for damages, injuries, and deaths are caused by drivers who violate traffic laws and traffic safety regulations that apply to all drivers.

10 Of The Most Common Causes of Car Accident Injuries Include: 

1) Car Accidents Caused by Distracted Driving – Texting and Driving

2) Car Accidents Caused by Aggressive Drivers Who Speed or Tailgate

3) Car Accidents Caused by Aggressive Drivers Involved In Reckless Driving or Road Rage

4) Car Accidents Caused by Failure to Yield the Right of Way

5) Car Accidents Caused by Drunk Drivers

6) Car Accidents Caused by Drug-Impaired Drivers

7) Car Accidents Caused by Fatigued Drivers

8) Car Accidents Caused by Debris on the Highway

9) Car Accidents Caused by Negligent Entrustment of a Car to a Dangerous Driver

10) Car Accidents Caused by Inexperienced Drivers – such as teens or unlicensed drivers

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The Law Office of Doug Goyen handles motor vehicle accidents causing injuries, including car accident injury casestruck accident injury casesDWI accident injuriesbicyclists hit by carsmotorcycle accident injury casespedestrians hit by cars, in which negligence has resulted in physical injury or death. When a person is injured, they frequently suffer mental anguish damages as a result of the severity of the injury and the changes it causes in their life. If you have been physically injured and that injury has also caused mental anguish as a result of a car accident, please contact our office for assistance with your case.


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