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The Blame Game – Nobody Wants to Take Responsibility (Why People Deny It’s Their Fault When It Seems Obvious):

Collisions are caused by a variety of factors, the most common of which is a “automobile accident.” The problem with that phrase is that it gives the impression that there was nothing that could have been done to prevent it, that it was “just an accident.” Collisions are typically not caused by “accidents”; rather, there are several conscious unsafe decisions that lead to the collision; thus, the cause of the collision is typically due to bad decisions.

They are usually the result of someone purposefully breaking the law. The law is written in such a way that if people follow the rules, accidents will be rare. Unfortunately, many people decide that the law does not apply to them or is too inconvenient for them to follow at the time, resulting in wrecks, injuries, harms, losses, and even death to their victims. Some people believe it is acceptable to speed, change lanes without looking, and not pay attention while driving (cellphone, radio, applying makeup, etc.).

In today’s blame-shifting society, people who cause a car wreck often victimize you a second time by claiming that they aren’t responsible for the harms and losses they caused by breaking the law.

Dealing with the bad driver’s insurance company can add to the frustration. When victims of bad drivers try to collect from the bad driver’s insurance company, the insurance company almost always takes the bad driver’s word over the word of others who were involved. Insurers will frequently disregard police reports, eyewitnesses, and other vehicles involved in the collision, and deny a claim based solely on their own insured’s claim that everyone else is at fault. The person who caused the collision will frequently claim that the witnesses, police, and other people involved are incorrect or lying about what happened.

Insurance companies have taken a hard stance on cases. They only offer a fraction of the value of your automobile accident personal injury case. They anticipate that some people will simply accept the loss rather than hire a personal injury attorney and fight for their rights. Call our law firm right away if you don’t want to walk away and accept the loss. Speak with an attorney who can assist you. For car accidents and personal injury cases, we offer a free initial phone consultation.


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