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Accident and Injury / What Personal Injury Lawyers Do



Lawyers frequently collaborate with other professionals and expert witnesses during the course of an investigation. However, the legal representative can conduct the investigation independently and unearth numerous pieces of evidence to bolster the client’s case. At the scene of an accident, evidence of the collision is typically present, such as tyre marks on the ground, damage to both vehicles, and the scene’s conditions. Typically, the prosecutor will consult with and question witnesses to ascertain more details about the event. Documentation is a critical component of acquiring new knowledge about an accident. This may include medical and police records, in addition to paperwork.

If the accident occurs on the road, the attorney can gather additional information using GPS data from the wrecked car. Additionally, cell phone technology and data may be used to ascertain the location of an individual or other pertinent details. Additionally, the lawyer will consult with insurance firms to ascertain the best course of action for the claim. If this is not always the case, the carrier’s adjuster may have knowledge about the claim that is specifically relevant to the accident. After that, the adjuster can prove useful in the investigation.

The most effective investigations begin immediately after an accident. To stop the statute of limitations from running out, the legal professional would try to collect as much evidence as possible and seek to protect the scene of the accident. He or she can collect data from this location while also bolstering the argument through these acts. Certain attorneys may work with an expert witness or another specialist to collect and comprehend facts. This is all possible when the victim is healing from their injuries.

Certain attorneys may be tasked with the responsibility of coordinating an accident investigation with the help and support of other agencies, officers, and experts. This can include collaborating with several agencies, as well as city consultants and specialists. The more complex the situation, the more important collaboration with other investigators is. To unearth additional clues, an expert witness with a forensic experience or someone who works for local law enforcement and has already checked the pieces of evidence in the case might be necessary. Combining these and constructing the claim with the assistance of other agencies and staff could bolster the case or take it in an entirely different direction, revealing new facts.

While recovering from their injuries, an accident victim with the assistance of a lawyer can initiate an investigation. Pursuing care and rehabilitation for injuries requires time, which is not always available due to the statute of limitations. Throughout this step, the client will be able to recover with the help of an attorney who is conducting the accident investigation.

In certain cases, the prosecutor will have several tasks to do as the investigation is ongoing, which will consume the professional’s time. At this point, delegation is crucial, and it can necessitate the hiring of another specialist, such as a private investigator, accountant, tax consultant, or expert witness. Depending on the circumstances of the situation, a particular professional may be preferred. The investigation may include the gathering of relevant information to assist with compensation claims and the determination of fair damages owed to the accident victim. Other allegations necessitate further investigation, which may include detailed surveillance.

Each incident is unique in its own way. Some are impacted by adverse weather conditions, while others face less-than-ideal road conditions. If the accident happened on the job, it is important for the attorney and quarantine the area to gather as much evidence as possible. This could include consulting with the boss and/or conducting interviews with other workers to ascertain the timeline of the incident. Depending on the business or the road situation, specific variables may either help or hurt the case. Another factor that a lawyer is typically effective in obtaining from authorities and management at a business is cooperation.


Clients frequently ask us, “What do personal injury lawyers do?” Answer in a nutshell: We handle your accident and injury claim. That begs the question, “What does that mean?” Your lawyer at the Law Office of Doug Goyen represents people who need assistance dealing with an accident, injury, or loss. We practice personal injury law. So, the first answer to the question “what does an accident and injury lawyer do?” is that we represent those who have been injured as a result of negligence or other wrongful acts. Your accident and injury lawyer specializes in assisting individuals and families who have been injured or have had a family member injured or killed as a result of negligence or intentional acts.

What Dallas, Texas accident and injury lawyers do: The accident and injury, or personal injury lawyer handling your case will deal with the insurance company or risk management department to ensure that your claim is properly presented and that you are taken seriously when they evaluate your claim for settlement purposes.

The personal injury lawyer handling your case will request that you refrain from speaking with any insurance company about your claim until we can discuss what you can and cannot discuss with insurance personnel. When you talk to people who hold positions “opposite” to yours, they often listen for and “hear” what they want to hear. This means that they will interpret what you say in a way that is more favorable to what they wanted you to say rather than what you actually said. What an insurance company “wants” you to say is something that will give them a reason to either not pay you at all or to reduce the amount they owe on your entire claim.

What else does a Texas personal injury or accident lawyer do? You should have your lawyer deal with the insurance company, or at the very least be on the phone with you, so that the insurance company personnel does not twist what you say into something you did not say.

We will assess the facts of your case and be open and honest with you about your case’s strengths and weaknesses. This is done so that you can make an informed decision about the next steps in your case.

We will determine which insurance coverages may or may not apply based on the facts of the case. The accident and injury or personal injury lawyer handling your case will then notify each insurance company that may have coverage in order to ensure you trigger coverage and recover any amounts owed on the claim. We will keep in touch with you, and we will keep in touch with you if you move, change phones, or have a change in your condition.

When your case is ready to be settled, we will evaluate it and share our findings with you. We will then submit a settlement proposal to the appropriate entity or entities to ensure that your claim is adequately compensated.

If a lawsuit is required, we will evaluate your case for the purpose of litigation, informing you of the costs involved, our assessment of your chances of success, and the evidence we will use to prove each and every element of your case. Each case is unique, and each case has unique factors to consider for settlement purposes. The answer to the question “What does a personal injury lawyer do?” will vary depending on the circumstances of the case. Depending on the facts of the case, different actions may be required to successfully pursue it.

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Types of Cases We Take:

We pursue Texas accident and injury cases in which someone has been harmed in some way by a car wreck, an unsafe condition, criminal behavior, breaking regulations, or unsafe behavior.

People who disregard traffic regulations and rules are usually included in this category. It can also include a person’s job or work breaking the law or a well-known safety rule, putting their employee or others in danger; corporations or companies breaking regulations, laws, and failing to follow rules, causing harm; commercial trucks and 18 wheelers committing crimes and traffic violations; and various other high risk and illegal behavior that usually boils down to sobriety.

Courts, insurance companies, and large corporations commonly refer to this as negligence, or torts. It’s often more than that, depending on the wrongdoer’s level of knowledge. Often, the behavior is so callous to the safety of others that it is criminal. Too often, the insurance company’s goal is to keep their insureds’ bad behavior, negligence, and crimes hidden (to avoid having to pay). It is my goal to bring the actions that led to the injury into the open for all to see, as well as to send a message to the community that this type of behavior will not be tolerated where families (parents, children, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, grandparents, grandchildren) are put in danger where they live, work, and travel.

I represent people who have been involved in “automobile accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, auto accident with a pedestrian, traffic accident with a bicycle, negligent slip and falls, dangerous and well-known dog bite incidents, and other premises liability incidents,” as the insurance companies like to say. Insurance companies have learned to twist the meaning of words like “accident” and “incident” to give them innocent connotations in order to minimize the bad behavior involved. They have become expert marketers in their efforts to persuade courts, legislators, and juries that “accidents” are not the fault of anyone, and thus no one should be held accountable for those actions (especially when there is an accident and injury involved).

Insurers, big business, and others who want to avoid responsibility for bad behavior that causes harm try to persuade others that because the result (death, personal injury, and harm) was not intended, no one should have to pay for anything that was a result; this includes them wanting to avoid responsibility for death, hospital bills, emergency care, surgery, medical bills, therapy, and so on.

In reality, the “accident injury” is usually caused by people choosing to speed, talk on their cellphone, drink and drive, turn without looking to ensure the way is clear, and a variety of other “actions” that they take to cause the collision.

Someone “chooses” to drive while talking on their cellphone. Someone “decides” not to pay attention while driving. Someone “decides” to attempt to beat the red light. Someone “chooses” to let a small child play with their newly bred pitbull. Someone “chooses” to leave their gate open or their fence in such disrepair that their animal can escape and cause an accident or injury to others. Someone “chooses” not to follow safety regulations even though they are aware that the regulations are intended to keep people safe. Someone “chooses” to drive fast, “chooses” not to get enough sleep before operating a multi-ton vehicle, and “chooses” to fiddle with their radio while stuck in traffic. Injury and wrongful death cases frequently come down to one person making a decision. That choice is to break a law, violate a safety regulation, or engage in behavior that they know can or will eventually kill or hurt someone, but they play Russian Roulette with everyone else in the community in order to save a dollar, save some of their valuable time, or simply act aggressively towards others due to some issue they are having.

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