Debris on Highway Causes Accident

Debris Causing Accidents

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Attorney Goyen has handled thousands of auto accident injury cases and recovered millions of dollars in recovery for his clients since 1997. Debris causing accidents is a major cause of injuries in Texas. People just do not seem to know how to properly secure what they are hauling. Ladders, mattresses, chairs, and all kinds of other items fall out of the back of trucks and off the beds of trailers every day causing injury and damage to drivers in Texas. Call us at (972) 599 4100 if you were injured by debris from someone failing to properly secure what they were hauling or carrying on their vehicle. We give a free case review and there is no fee unless you win. 


Debris on roadways caused 200,000 auto accidents, 39,000 deaths, and 500 deaths from 2011 to 2014 according to a study released by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. 
Many of those deaths were caused by people trying to avoid the debris on the highway. Others were caused by hitting the debris which caused collisions. 
The problem can be cured by people properly securing their loads when driving. Unfortunately, people are not securing their loads and we see debris on highways much more often than should be the case. 

Texas Transportation Code Section 725 states that any motor vehicle, trailer, or semi commits an offense in Texas if they transport loose materials and their vehicle has a hole, crack, or another opening where material can escape. The loose load should be covered and secured front and back. Section 600.001 states that a person who permits injurious or destructive material to be dropped on the highway shall immediately remove the material. 


If a driver allows debris to cause a car accident injury, then that driver has violated their duty of reasonable care. They owe for any damage they have caused, including any injury caused. Their liability insurance covers the auto accidents that they cause. The Law Office of Doug Goyen has over 20 years of experience working as a Dallas car accident lawyer and getting compensation for those injured by debris on roadways. Contact us today for a free consultation and strategy session regarding your case. 

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