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1. We deal with the insurance company/business on your behalf so that you do not have to. We are a full-service law firm that can handle any aspect of your injury claim that you request. Insurance companies, especially in injury cases, can be notoriously difficult to deal with or even reach. We relieve you of the burden of dealing with the insurance company in connection with your injury case.

2. We ensure that the insurance company/business does not take advantage of you. Texas’ laws are constantly changing. In terms of injury claims, these laws are complicated. Unless you’ve worked as an adjuster or for a personal injury firm, you won’t have the knowledge you need to make sure the insurance company doesn’t run over you. For injured people, the Dallas area is a particularly difficult location. You’ll need the assistance of a lawyer to fight for your personal injury claim.

3. We make certain that you take advantage of ALL of the benefits available to you. You may be entitled to more benefits than you realize. The insurance company will NOT inform you of all the different coverages and recovery options that may be available to you. You should hire an experienced lawyer to review your case and ensure that you are taking full advantage of these benefits for your injury case.

4. We assess the worth of your claim and negotiate a settlement with the insurance company/business. Our years of experience handling personal injury cases ensures that we will be able to evaluate your case, and as your lawyer, we will advise you of the range of value of your case, and then fight to get you every dollar you deserve on your case.

5. We will fight for your side of the story. You may be under the mistaken impression that the insurance company will conduct an unbiased investigation into their case. If you believe that is what will happen, you are mistaken. Insurance companies seek loopholes in order to avoid paying injury claims. They will ask leading questions that will lead you to say things that they can use to deny your injury claim if you answer them incorrectly. They are not objective. They are not in the claims-paying business. To fight for your case, you’ll need a lawyer in the Dallas area.

6. If necessary, we will refer you to a reputable body shop. Sometimes people don’t know where to turn to get their vehicles repaired. Our years of experience can assist you in locating body shops with a good reputation in the Dallas area.

7. If your vehicle is a total loss, we can assist you in gathering information about its value. The insurance company will frequently tell you one value for your vehicle, which is usually the lowest value they can find. We assist you in locating the information you require to confirm that the value they provide is an actual fair value.

8. We can assist you in locating reputable medical treatment facilities where you can be treated for your injury. Unfortunately, in today’s society, finding a medical facility to treat you for a personal injury claim can be difficult. Many times, your regular treating physician will refuse to see you for these types of claims, usually because they do not want to get involved in a case that could lead to litigation. Furthermore, some people lack insurance and are unable to find a doctor willing to accept payment from an automobile insurance company (since automobile insurers are typically much slower at paying than health insurers). We can locate medical facilities that can and will treat you for your injury so that you can begin to heal because of our years of experience handling injury cases in the Dallas area.

9. We compile all of the information that the insurance company requires in order to pay you or evaluate your case. It may appear that the insurance company repeatedly requests the same thing in different forms. It can appear to be indefinite. We have experience and understand what the adjusters are looking for in order to pay on your case.

10. We can assist with almost any aspect of an injury claim. Our years of experience have provided us with the knowledge and expertise to handle your injury claim from beginning to end and obtain results that will help alleviate many of the problems that injury cases can present.

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By Doug Goyen, douggoyen@goyenlaw.com 

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