Adrenal Injury Defined

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Adrenal Hemorrhage is a hemorrhage of the adrenal gland that is a life-threatening event that must be diagnosed and dealt with immediately. 

Typically unilateral Adrenal Hemorrhage that is caused by trauma is caused by massive blunt force trauma.  Multiple other injuries (such as to the spleen, liver, kidneys, lumbar spine, ipsilateral thorax), are usually present as well.  The hemorrhaging can lead to instability in the injured person, leading to shock, and death.  It can also be caused by (among other things) pregnancy complications, heart failure, surgery, or invasive procedures.   

This type of injury from a car accident indicates an extremely hard impact.  Speeding, drunk driving, distracted driving or texting, head-on collisions, impacts with large vehicles at speed, pedestrians hit by vehicles, or other types of violent car accidents may be ones where you see this type of injury.  The severity of the injury and the amount of force needed to cause this damage indicates the impact was extremely violent in nature and likely caused other injuries to the person.  

If this injury was caused by the negligence of another driver, their insurance company will be looking for a way out of paying.  Likely, the person who suffered the injury may have difficulty remembering what happened.  Police officers are not always completely thorough in investigating auto accidents.  They want to get those injured to the hospital and clear the intersection.  Determining who was at fault, and gathering that evidence is not always their top priority – despite how catastrophic the collision was for those involved.  In these situations, you need to hire an attorney to investigate the case as quickly as possible.  Gather witness information, witness statements, evidence from the police department (911 recordings, videos, photos, and other info that may be available to shed light on how the collision occurred). 

It may seem clear that the other driver was at fault, based on what you heard immediately after the collision.  Don’t be fooled into a false sense of security.  Liability insurance companies look for reasons to not pay a claim.  If the other driver changes his story after they leave the scene, you may not realize it for months, but once you start attempting to get the insurance company to pay for the medical bills, they deny the claim and the insurance company will tell you:

    1.  Their insured driver has a different story than what the police officer said.  
    2.  The police officer did not witness the accident, he made his report based on a shoddy investigation.
    3.  That despite the officer talking to their driver, that:
        a.  their insured driver never had a chance to tell the officer “his” side of the story,  
        b.  or that the officer would not listen to their insured’s side of the story,
        c.  or that based on what their insured is telling them that the officer made a mistake when they wrote the report, or
        d.  the officer had it out for their driver and wouldn’t listen to his side of the story.  

When you call the police officer to clear up what happened, you often will find that the officer will not return calls.  Again, auto accidents are not their top priority.  If they do return your call, often they will tell you that they have handled too many other accidents since then, and cannot remember exactly what happened.  They will then say that you will need to go off of what they wrote on the report – which doesn’t help you since the insurance company is calling into question the validity of the information on the report. 

When injured severely, you need to have someone working on your case, gathering information before it is lost, and preparing to collect from those who are responsible – before they can come up with excuses on why they will not pay the claim, or parts of the claim. 

Contact us at (972) 599 4100 to discuss your situation and determine if what happened in your situation calls for the expertise of a personal injury lawyer, or if it is the type of case that you can handle yourself.  

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