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Our Law Firm Assists People Injured in 18 Wheeler Accidents That Cause Serious Injuries and Death. The Law Office of Doug Goyen has been handling truck accident injury cases since mid-1997, and we recommend the following steps following a truck accident that results in an injury: Keep in mind that people who drive for a living must maintain their license and insurance in order to continue driving. In other words, they must maintain a clean driving record in order to continue receiving a paycheck. As a result, people are less than forthcoming about how accidents occur. This is the “Dallas Truck Accident Lawyer Checklist” to follow if you have been in a truck accident.

What to do if you are involved in a commercial vehicle accident:

At the scene of the accident:

1. Call 911 to get the Police and emergency services to the scene.

2. If there are people who are be injured:

a. Get emergency services to the scene to assist anyon injured.
b. Inform the police officer on the scene of the injury.
c. Follow the instructions of the treating physicians and personnel.

3. Only move your vehicle if it poses a hazard to other vehicles. Leave the debris where it is until the police arrive and finish their investigation.

4. Only discuss what happened with the officer, physician, your own insurer, and your attorney.

5. Take notes on what people said at the scene, especially if the other driver(s) said anything that you interpreted as an admission of fault.

6. Obtain insurance information for other drivers, including name, address, phone number, and policy number.

7. If there are any witnesses, obtain their contact information (name, address, phone number(s)).

8. If you suspect that other people are intoxicated, notify the police.

If you are no longer at the scene of the accident:

9. Seek the assistance of an experienced lawyer.

10. Notify your own insurance company of the accident.

11. Photograph your car and its damage.

12. If you experience pain after leaving the scene, consult your doctor or go to the emergency room.

If you have been injured and require assistance as a result of a collision with an 18-wheeler, contact the Law Office of Doug Goyen, where we will handle truck accident injury claims and get you the compensation you deserve – at (972) 599 4100 for a free initial phone consultation.

By Doug Goyen, douggoyen@goyenlaw.com

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