Robert Bobadilla, Office Manager, Law Office of Doug Goyen

Robert Bobadilla, Office Manager

Robert Bobadilla

Case Manager and Office Manager at Webb Chapel location of the Law Office of Doug Goyen

Office: (972) 599-4100
Direct: (214) 366-4444

9502 Webb Chapel Rd
Dallas, Texas 75220

Robert Bobadilla has been a personal injury case manager for over 20 years. Robert manages the Law Office of Doug Goyen’s Webb Chapel office.

Mr. Bobadilla has extensive experience investigating, gathering evidence, conducting interviews, and overall management of car crash injury cases and all other types of injury cases. Robert is aggressive in his investigations and in demanding that insurance companies treat our clients fairly. He demands the insurance companies respond in a timely manner. Robert is fluent in Spanish and helps with communication with our clients in the Spanish-speaking communities in the Dallas area. 

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