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Wrist Injuries Caused by Accidents

Your hands are composed of a complex network of bones, ligaments, nerves, and blood vessels. The hand is made up of nineteen individual bones, and the wrist is made up of eight additional small bones known as carpals. Furthermore, your hand is linked to your forearm via nine tendons and the median nerve, which pass through an opening in the wrist known as the carpal tunnel.

Hand injuries can occur from a variety of sources, including those caused by accidents. The symptoms you are experiencing will help you determine the cause of your hand or wrist problem. Many types of hand or wrist injuries can be treated without surgery, but more severe cases may necessitate surgery.

→Types of wrist fractures in auto accidents:

→Scaphoid fracture. A scaphoid (navicular) fracture is a break in one of the wrist’s small bones. This type of fracture is most commonly caused by a fall onto an outstretched hand. Pain and tenderness in the area just below the base of the thumb are common symptoms of a scaphoid fracture. When you try to pinch or grasp something, your symptoms may worsen.

Depending on the severity of the fracture and its location on the bone, treatment for a scaphoid fracture can range from casting to surgery. Complications with the healing process are common because portions of the scaphoid have a poor blood supply—and a fracture can further disrupt the flow of blood to the bone.

→Scapholunate ligament tears. When there is a lot of stress on the wrist, the scapholunate ligament usually tears. A traumatic auto accident is a common cause. The ligament is usually injured when the wrist is bent backward or in an unusual position.

The pain and swelling associated with a scapholunate ligament injury may occur immediately after the injury. It is possible that it will persist and worsen over time. However, some people will not notice a problem until many years after the initial injury.

→Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex (TFCC) injury. The triangular fibrocartilage discus, radioulnar ligaments, and ulnarcarpal ligaments comprise the TFCC. The primary function of the TFCC is to protect the ulna head, aid in load transmission in the wrist, and stabilize forearm rotation. This vital ligament is found on the side of the wrist just below the little finger.

Injury to this triangular fibrocartilage complex can occur as a result of a fall on an outstretched hand or a motor vehicle accident, or other causes.

→Hook of the hamate fractures. The hamate is located on the ulnar aspect of the wrist in the distal carpal row. The hook (also known as the hamulus) is a curved bony process that protrudes from the body’s palmar surface. The hamate hook helps to form the medial border of the carpal tunnel and the lateral border of the Guyon canal. The hook is attached to by the pisiform-hamate ligament, flexor retinaculum (also known as the transverse carpal ligament), flexor carpi ulnaris tendon, opponens digiti minimi tendon, and flexor digiti minimi tendon. The hook’s biomechanical function is to serve as a pulley for the flexor tendons of the ring and small fingers.

Hook of the hamate fractures are caused by a variety of mechanisms, including blunt trauma from an accident.

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Compensation for Wrist Injuries in Texas

Depending on the severity of the wrist injury, the victim may require extensive medical care, such as physical therapy, pain medication, cast immobilization, and possibly surgery. In many cases, wrist injury treatment can result in high medical bills, which can be a financial burden for some people, particularly those whose wrist injury prevents them from returning to work.

Even with treatment, some wrist injuries can result in devastating long-term complications such as numbness, stiffness, pain, swelling, tenderness, nerve damage, osteoarthritis, and poor healing, especially if the carpal bones of the hand are broken.

In addition to chronic pain and suffering, some wrist injuries can result in permanent disability, exorbitant medical bills, and the victim’s inability to return to work, all of which can lead to significant financial hardship.

Fortunately, victims of wrist injuries in Texas caused by a traumatic accident may be entitled to financial compensation for their wrist injury expenses. Victims of wrist injuries sustained in a car accident, truck accident, or other accident in Texas may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault party to seek compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

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