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Yes, car accidents can cause rotator cuff injuries, including tears to the rotator cuff that may require surgical repair. With a rotator cuff injury, the sporting world often dominates how we hear about rotator cuff injuries. Often people do not think outside of baseball when it comes to a rotator cuff tear. The reality is that rotator cuff injuries happen from traumatic injuries such as from auto accidents. Insurance adjusters may try to argue that a rotator cuff tear does not come from an auto accident – this is not accurate.

Medical professionals and medical research confirm that a rotator cuff tear or injury in the shoulder occurs in auto accidents. Common traumatic causes of a rotator cuff injury come from motor vehicle accidents, falls, or sports related activities. The injury patterns in studies of rotator cuff tears and injuries were falls (often onto an outstretched arm), forceful external rotation with an abducted or adducted arm, motor vehicle accidents, lifting a heavy object, sporting activities, and reaching out to grab a rail to prevent falling.


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Rotator cuff illustration of the area of pain, Rotator cuff accident lawyer in DallasA rotator cuff tear is a painful injury in the shoulder that can cause severe limitations on the ability to move the arm and shoulder. The actual rotator cuff has four muscles and tendons that give the shoulder its wide range of motion.

The rotator cuff consists of four muscles and tendons surrounding the shoulder joint that allow the shoulder to have a wide range of motion. A rotator cuff tear is when one of the tendons is torn due to an accident or repetitive use. This injury is painful and can severely limit your ability to move your arm and shoulder.

The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that surround the shoulder joint and keep the upper arm bone’s head firmly within the shoulder’s shallow socket. A rotator cuff injury can result in a dull ache in the shoulder that often worsens with arm movement away from the body.

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Doctors will most likely begin with a combination of several treatments, such as physical therapy to strengthen your shoulder muscles. Pain and swelling can be relieved with medications and anti-inflammatory drugs. You may also be given exercises to do at home as well as advice on how to use your shoulder in a safer, more comfortable manner in your daily life. Doctors usually advise rest to allow your rotator cuff to heal. Steroid injections into your shoulder joint can provide temporary pain relief.

If none of these work, you may need surgery, especially if you have a complete tear. Your doctor will most likely need to sew the torn area back together or reattach the tendon to the bone. In some cases, they may need to remove small pieces of tendon or bone that have become stuck in your shoulder joint, or they may need to remove small areas of bone or tissue to allow your tendon to move more freely.

Types of rotator cuff surgery include:

→Arthroscopic. Your doctor will make a small cut in your shoulder and then repair the tear with an arthroscope, which is a tube with a small camera and tiny instruments. As a result, your recovery time will most likely be shorter than it would have been with another type of surgery.

→Open. Your doctor will use larger instruments to repair the tear in your shoulder muscles.

→Mini-Opening. This procedure employs both arthroscopic and open techniques. Your doctor will begin with an arthroscope and progress to larger instruments.

→Transfer of a tendon. If your tendon is too torn to be reattached, your doctors may be able to use another nearby tendon.

→Shoulder replacement surgery. If the rotator cuff tear is severe enough, your shoulder joint may need to be replaced.

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Many factors will influence the settlement or trial value of your rotator cuff claim. When you work with the Law Office of Doug Goyen, we will carefully evaluate your case, taking into account the severity of your shoulder injury, as well as medical bills for hospital visits, physical therapy, surgeries, diagnostic tests, and other treatment.

We also take into account your lost income and earning capacity. The circumstances that led to the accident. How much insurance coverage is available for your claim.

After learning about your claim and your circumstances, our team will assist you in understanding the value of your case and will then recommend ways for you to obtain the compensation you deserve.

The insurance company may try to make you a settlement offer, but accepting their first offer is rarely in your best interests. Adjusters frequently try to exploit unrepresented accident victims by offering them low settlements. The adjuster might also discourage you from contacting an attorney, claiming that doing so will only slow down the process.

Once you’ve settled your claim, you usually can’t go back and demand more money, even if you took an extremely unfavorable deal. That is why, before accepting any settlement offer, you should always schedule a free, no-risk consultation with one of our personal injury lawyers. We are on your side. And we charge no fee unless we obtain a settlement or win your case in court.

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If you or someone you know needs the assistance of a rotator cuff accident lawyer in an auto accident case call (972) 599 4100 for a free consultation and a free strategy session regarding your case. The strategy session includes a summary of your case, identification of the legal issues involved with your case, and identifying those legal issues that will help maximize your recovery in your case. We will email a copy of this strategy session to you for you to keep.


There is no fee unless and until you win! If we work on your case, we charge a contingency fee, which means that if we don’t win, we don’t get paid. The better we serve you, the better we are compensated – our interest is the same as yours.

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