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A car accident can, in fact, cause arthritis. A car accident injury can cause cartilage to gradually wear away, causing bones to rub together. Although this isn’t the type of arthritis that most people think of, because it occurs as a result of trauma rather than gradually over time, the diagnosis is still considered arthritis.

A car accident injury is a type of injury that can result in post-traumatic arthritis. As a result of a sudden jolt, your knees or ankles could be crushed, your wrist sprained, a hand broken, or your back strained. Even a minor incident can eventually lead to arthritis.

Traditionally, arthritis has been thought of as an inflammation of the joints that develops gradually over time. Because of their frequent overuse, the hips, knees, and ankles are the most commonly affected by arthritis. The connective tissue between two bones that allows for smooth motion and movement is known as joint cartilage.

The absence of cartilage causes excruciating pain. Following an injury, such as a broken bone, the joint or cartilage may be disrupted, resulting in arthritic pain.

Post-traumatic arthritis (PTA) is a common complication of joint trauma. Inflammatory events in the immediate aftermath of injury, such as increased inflammatory cytokine release, can predispose to the development of osteoarthritis or inflammatory arthritis. PTA treatment is a difficult issue to manage.

PTA occurs as a result of an acute direct trauma to the joints. PTA accounts for about 12% of all osteoarthritis cases, and patients with chronic inflammatory arthritis may also have a history of physical trauma. Swelling, synovial effusion, pain, and occasionally intra-articular bleeding are symptoms. PTA usually resolves on its own, but symptoms that persist after 6 months may be considered pathological and referred to as chronic PTA.

If you an auto accident has caused arthritis you should call a post-traumatic arthritis lawyer to pursue damages in your case. 

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The term “arthritis” refers to joint inflammation. The most common cause is the deterioration of joint surface cartilage (osteoarthritis). Post-traumatic arthritis is a common type of osteoarthritis that occurs as a result of a physical injury to a joint of any kind.


Post-traumatic arthritis is caused by the wear and tear of a joint that has been injured in some way. The injury could have occurred as a result of sports, a car accident, a fall, a military injury, or any other source of physical trauma. Such injuries can harm the cartilage and/or bone, altering the mechanics of the joint and causing it to wear out faster. Continued injury and excess body weight hasten the wearing-out process.

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Post-traumatic arthritis accounts for approximately 12% of hip, knee, and ankle osteoarthritis cases in the United States. It can also cause problems with the hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder. Joint pain is the most common symptom of post-traumatic arthritis. The pain appears gradually, beginning months or years after a joint injury. Resting the joint relieves pain in the early stages. However, as the pain worsens, you may experience constant pain.

Other symptoms of post-traumatic arthritis include:

Fluid accumulation around the joint
In the joint, there is a grinding, creaking, or crunching sensation.
Stiffness of the joints
Swelling of joints
The joint has a limited range of motion.

Seeing a specialist and beginning treatment as soon as symptoms appear can help slow the progression of the disease.

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If your treating doctor can identify trauma-induced arthritis early on (prior to the statute of limitations – and before you settle your injury case), you may be able to receive compensation for the arthritis caused by the car accident (or by some other trauma caused by negligence).

On a regular basis, our Dallas personal injury lawyer at the Law Office of Doug Goyen represents people who have suffered injuries in accidents. Our post-traumatic arthritis lawyer is well-versed in the medicine and procedures involved in these injuries, and they are always concerned with the long-term consequences of these injuries. We have successfully recovered damages for clients who have suffered injuries such as:

Past and future medical bills
Past and future lost earnings
Past and future loss of household services
Past and future pain and suffering
Past and future mental anguish
Past and future physical impairment
Past and future disfigurement
And more

If you have arthritis as a result of an accident, please contact our attorneys to discuss your legal options. We always handle cases on a contingency fee basis, which means we never charge a fee unless the client recovers.

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