Trucking company’s sheet-metal it is hauling flies off truck into path of traffic causing a collision

The trucking company’s sheet-metal it is hauling flies off the truck into the path of traffic causing a collision
(Trucking company loses part of its load causing injury to the woman driving her car. The company tried to deny ownership of the truck in question, but the evidence was uncovered proving their ownership and control of the driver in question. Case settled).
Our client came to us after she kept getting the run-around from a trucking company that was trying to deny they were responsible for her collision. The trucking company’s truck lost part of its load and dropped a large piece of sheet metal onto the highway right in front of our client’s vehicle. Our client attempted to avoid the sheet metal but it struck her vehicle and caused her to lose control of her vehicle and crash into the center wall on the highway. She suffered injuries that included a broken collarbone that required surgery to fix.
The trucking company in question tried to claim that the vehicle in question was not actually owned by them, so they were not responsible. Investigation into the driver showed that the driver had in fact worked for this trucking company for years (despite this driver having a horrendous driving record). The company in question had changed its name several times over the years, but it was always owned by the same individual. We were able to prove that this driver was in fact driving for the company in question, and in fact, was the owner of the truck involved in the collision. The trucking company’s insurance company paid a large settlement to resolve the claim.
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