Pallet left in the shopping aisle at an office supply company caused fall and injury

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Case:  Shopper falls over pallets left in aisle at office supply company. 

(The store left pallets in the shopping aisle. Our client tripped over the pallets as he was looking up at products on the shelves. Investigation of the scene showed the placement of the pallets in the aisle became a dangerous condition that caused our client’s injury).

Our client (a man in his 70s with his wife) was shopping at an office supply company. The workers at the company had been stocking the shelves and left empty pallets and boxes in the middle of the shopping aisles.  My client was looking up at a product that was placed above head level.  As he was looking for the product he needed he stepped back to get a better look.  When he stepped back he caught his foot on the almost empty pallet that was on the floor and fell, causing serious injury to his hip.

The office supply company had told my client that they were not responsible as he should have been watching where he was going.  We investigated the location, the design of the aisles, the placement of the product on the shelves, and the location of the pallet on the floor and were able to show that the way they had designed the aisle and the placement of the product would force any customer to look up and then back up to get a better view of the product up high.  They are placing the pallets on the floor and leaving them unattended was a dangerous condition when combined with the design of the aisle.  The office supply company settled that case in the six-figure range.