Bus rolls up onto curb and strikes pedestrian who was waiting for the walk sign at light.

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Initially, the city denied responsibility for a city bus accident. We were able to obtain video evidence that our pedestrian client was hit by a bus that had driven up over the curb as it was turning and struck her, causing her injuries. The city then made the decision to settle the claim.

Our client first came to us because she was hit by a city bus while walking and the city was denying her claim. The bus driver claimed that our client was not paying attention and motioned for him to walk to the side of the bus. Our client claimed that this was not the case, and that she was standing still when the bus approached the curb and struck her. We issued an open records request for all videos of the collision in order to confirm what happened.

When our client received the video, she was standing still on a downtown street corner, waiting for the walk sign so she could cross the street to go north across the street. While she waited, a city bus heading north turned right to go east at the intersection where she was standing. The bus crossed the curb and struck our client from behind, causing her to collide with a light pole and fall to the ground, injuring her. The video proved that our client was telling the truth about how the collision occurred, and the city changed its tune and paid the entire claim.

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