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Doug Goyen, AttorneyIf you were hurt in an accident by a tailgating driver you have a claim against that driver who negligently caused you to be hurt. Call the Law Office of Doug Goyen at (972) 599 4100. Our offices are in the Dallas area. The Law Office of Doug Goyen provides experienced, aggressive, and powerful representation for our clients. If you need a Dallas tailgating injury lawyer, Attorney Goyen has over 23 years of experience dealing with auto claims and lawsuits as a Dallas auto accident attorney, settling thousands of cases and getting millions of dollars for our clients.

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Tailgaters cause serious collisions on Texas roadways. Tailgaters are a type of aggressive driver. These types of drivers cause car accident injuries every day in Texas. If you were injured by one of these aggressive drivers you likely are eligible to receive compensation for your injury. Call us to discuss your rights.

Even with fewer drivers on the road due to the pandemic in 2020 the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration showed there has been a 12% increase in traffic fatalities over the same period of time in 2019. Unsafe driving such as tailgating are major factors in that increase. In Texas, the Texas Department of Transportation reports that in 2019 there were 24,486 accidents caused by following too closely (tailgating). There were 8,141 people injured in those accidents and 18 fatalites in those 2019 tailgating accidents.

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Tailgating Law In Texas

Tailgating is a form of aggressive driving. Tailgating drivers cause many auto accidents in Texas. We all have seen it. We are driving on the highway and some driver pulls up behind us so close that all you can see of the vehicle behind you is the windshield of the car or the grill or bumper of a large truck. If traffic ahead of you stops suddenly you know this person is going to hit you. When tailgaters cause collisions they often do serious damage to those they hit, often causing multiple vehicle auto accidents and serious injuries.

Tailgating is covered in the Texas Transportation Code Section 545.062 under Following Distance. A driver must keep a clear distance between vehicles considering speed, traffic, and conditions of the roadway so they can stop without colliding with the vehicle in front of it or without the need to veer off to the side into another vehicle, person or object.

If you have been injured by someone who was tailgating you are likely entitled to compensation for your injury. You need to talk to a car accident injury lawyer regarding what happened and what your rights are in your case.

The Law Office of Doug Goyen handles Dallas car accidents and has helped injured victims of tailgating vehicles recover from their injuries since 1997. Our clients are our first priority. Contact us today regarding your case.

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Things to do if you have been injured by a tailgating driver

Often people are in shock after an accident because it is unexpected, traumatic, and sudden. Things can get confusing when in such a situation. Its goog to have a checklist to help keep you on track. Check on your passengers. Then check on the occupants of the other vehicles involved in the accident. If anyone is injured get help immediately.

You should do the following at the accident scene:

1. Call the police to the scene.

2. If there are people who could be injured:

a. Transport the injured to a hospital or doctor. Make transportation arrangements or call an ambulance.
b. Inform the police officer on the scene of the injury.
c. Follow the instructions of the treating physicians and personnel.

3. Only move your vehicle if it poses a hazard to other vehicles. Leave the debris where it is until the police arrive and finish their investigation.

4. Only discuss what happened with the officer, physician, and your attorney.

5. Obtain insurance information for other drivers, including name, address, phone number, and policy number.

6. If there are any witnesses, obtain their contact information (name, address, phone number(s)).

If you have been injured and require the assistance of a Dallas tailgating injury lawyer as a result of a collision, contact the Law Office of Doug Goyen, a Dallas car accident attorney, we handle accident injury claims and get you the compensation you deserve – Call (972) 599 4100.

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If you sustain one or more of the following types of injuries, the law in Texas allows you to recover money to compensate you for the harm caused by the negligent conduct (or the damage that was caused, or harm that was caused, or loss that was caused). If you have proof of the damage or injury claimed, the person or company who caused the accident or injury can be forced to pay for the following injuries or damages.

In personal injury cases, the following types of damages are frequently recoverable (among other types of damages as well) depending on what damage and injury was done to you in the accident:

Past and future medical bills: The amount of medical bills required to treat your injury in the past and in the future.

Earning capacity lost in the past and in the future: The amount of money you could have earned if you had not been injured.

Past and future lost income: The amount of money you have lost and will lose as a result of the injury.

Compensation is allowed for past and future pain and suffering based on a jury’s common sense, knowledge, and sense of justice. In terms of settling a claim, determining the value of pain and suffering is done by imagining what a jury – who does not know anyone involved – will think the value is.

Property damage: Property damage, such as damage to your car, computer, phone, or glasses, is recoverable in an accident case.

Rental car bills, or if you used your property or vehicle in your business and lost some of your income while the vehicle was unable to be driven, are recoverable in a car wreck or accident case.

Storage: If your vehicle was towed from the scene and stored in a storage yard, you will be charged for that time. This is recoverable in the event of a car accident or a motor vehicle wreck.

Total loss of property: If your vehicle was destroyed and cannot be repaired, you are entitled to the value of the vehicle immediately prior to the accident.


We provide free phone consultations to discuss your case. We also offer a free strategy session during the phone consultation. The strategy session includes a summary of your case, the legal issues at hand, and any legal issues we identify as critical to maximizing the compensation you are owed.

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Anyone who has suffered a serious or permanent injury as a result of a tailgating driver should contact a car accident injury lawyer for assistance with their case. If you have been injured by someone who was tailgating, you may be entitled to compensation. You should speak with a Dallas tailgating injury lawyer about what happened and your legal rights in your case.

Since 1997, the Law Office of Doug Goyen has assisted injured victims of tailgating vehicles in recovering from their injuries. Our customers are our top priority. Please contact us about your case as soon as possible. Call us at (972) 599 4100 or use our website contact form to get in touch.

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