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Auto Insurance Tips – Checking your CLUE Report and Comparing Rates by Doug Goyen, Law Office of Doug Goyen Auto insurance is required if you drive, so you want to find the companies with the best rates. I’ve included the following for 1) comparing insurance rates, 2) checking what insurance companies are using to set your rates, and 3) the Texas Department of Insurance’s “Automobile Insurance Made Easy” site. This site asks some basic questions about you and gives some rates from insurance companies. This gives a rough idea of the rates being charged by different insurance companies. The problem with it though is that it doesn’t tell you what the insurance companies think of you and whether you will qualify for the coverage/rates you are seeing. Typically, insurance companies are looking at many factors that you can’t do much about. Your age, sex, the car you drive, whether you are married, etc. This is all information that you give your insurance company when you take out the policy. Some of the factors they check on their own may be incorrect and may cause your insurance rates to be too high. The insurance companies will check your driving history, your claims history, and your credit in setting your rates. You will want to check each of these to make sure they are accurate. Inaccuracy in any of these reports can cause you to pay more than you should for your auto insurance. Good luck, Doug Goyen, Attorney Law Office of Doug Goyen 15851 Dallas Pkwy #605 Addison, Texas75001 (972) 599 4100 phone (972) 398 2629 fax
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